Caryn is creative and diverse in her musical output. When she writes a song, she takes you on a journey into a sonic world unending with melody and rhythm. She is energetic, positive, and will surely capture your soul with her wonderful sound and lyrical precision.”

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"No matter where she was in the world, she always found her true nature in nature." - Rebecca Campbell

Caryn Switaj (pronounced “SWEE-tigh”) is an acoustic indie-folk singer-songwriter based in Northern Virginia. The songstress boasts catchy tunes full of warm, soulful vocals that take you on an emotional journey of the human experience. Steeped in the raw, acoustic-rooted sounds of Folk, Americana & Old-Time music, her songs feel nostalgic yet contemporary as she weaves together personal, innately inspirational storytelling.

The Michigan native draws inspiration from spending ample time in Nature, now taking in the beauty of the mountains, forests, and rivers that possess the Appalachian region around Virginia.  

Now 32 years old, Caryn spent her 20s working in professional sports as a media professional, most notably serving as the Boston Bruins’ on-camera host, writer, and reporter, traveling with the team throughout the United States and Canada. She moved South when she felt the strong call to be close to her family. 

The singer-songwriter started intuitively writing songs and poetry in 2017 to help battle grief and anxiety, and quickly realized that she had found her life’s devotion. Starting from scratch (and having never sang for anyone since a 7th grade rendition of “Annie”), she threw herself into the up-and-down adventure of learning her newfound craft, with her faith leading the way. 

Though fresh to the music scene around Greater Washington, D.C., her song “True North” was awarded an Honorable Mention for Lyrics in the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, and she won the Songwriter’s Award in the 2019 Ashburn’s Got Talent Competition. 

Her biggest influences include country, folk, and old-time sounds from Emmylou Haris, Dolly Parton, John Prine, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Johnny Cash, Ola Belle Reed, Gillian Welch, and Miranda Lambert, to name a few. Her contemporary inspirations include raw, acoustic-driven textures from Roo Panes, Avi Kaplan, Kina Grannis, Trevor Hall, Mumford & Sons, and Rhiannon Giddens, along with strong storytelling and poetic lyrics.

Caryn's message is one of healing and transformation. Through her own healing process with music, she hopes to inspire others to honor their own journeys. "When we heal ourselves and evolve into our true nature, we free our voices, our creativity, our magic, our light, and we rise up to help usher in healing and transformation for the world," she says. "No matter what has happened in our lives and no matter what’s going on in the world, we can all feel peace through this process and cherish the beauty of life in all its seasons."

The singer-songwriter is set to release her first music in 2021. In the meantime, you can follow her journey on her social media channels (listed below), and sign up for the email list on the homepage to receive exclusive updates.

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